My score in the Grit Scale is 3.00, and it is said that my result is higher than about 20% of Americans adults have. a) As for me, grit means an ability to manage long-term goals. Grit is the way a person can organize own life and possessions around the goal. Being gritty does not mean being gifted or talented individual, but an ability to overcome procrastination and preserve steadfast to get a desirable goal. Grit is always an ability not to give up and keep trying even in case of failures and slow progress.
b) There are four psychological assets that lead to grit, including interest, practice, purpose, and passion (Duckworth 92).
Part 2
a) Growth mindset is the idea that has been discovered in Stanford University by Dr. Carol Dweck. Growth mindset means the statement that the ability to learn is not fixed, as it can be changed by the individual efforts. Growth mindset is the ability to see that any failure is not a permanent condition, because everything changes and transforms in response to challenge. Growth mindset, therefore, helps build grit and develop a confidence, because it makes people start over and over again to get what they want.
b) I think, I am a gritty person, but not as much as I could be. My score in the Grit Scale is quite mediocre, and I know that I cannot organize myself well in long run. Some time management habits help me, but I have a lot of work to do to become a perfectly gritty person. It is much easier to me to work with short deadlines, than manage a project that lasts for years. I understand, however, that I should be purposeful in most important issues to me – education and work, which mean future success and a good career.

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