My idea of an ideal family is based on such values as pure respect and understanding among all family members. Much will also depend on the dynamics in the family and the ability to overcome various challenges together. If a family consists of the adults and children, then no age differences should be felt in the attitude.

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Personally, I come from a family where the dynamics was shaped differently. I have a 7-year old child who was diagnosed with autism, and another 14-year old son. The task I placed to myself was to dismantle these barriers and communicate with both of my children on equal terms, so that their differences would be minimized. Another challenge I had to overcome was educating my children who have different fathers. I realized that I should put a lot of effort explaining these differences to my children. I also realized that an ideal family is such where children are not afraid to ask any questions to their parents. From my side, I take a balanced approach and do not try to avoid responding to these questions.

Based on my experience, I have certain recommendations to those who are still struggling to shape an ideal family. The principle of understanding one another should guide you in your family relations. Also, remember that each family member is an individual who deserves your respect. As a mother, I would specifically recommend to illustrate a fair treatment to your children, even if they may sometimes be difficult to deal with. Children and parents should accept them as they are, as there are no perfect parents and no perfect children.

Hence, shaping an ideal family requires a lot of work and effort from each family member on a daily basis. Only then, one could achieve happiness and desired family dynamics.

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