In the contemporary world, adhering to a certain ethics, such as professional ethical systems, is becoming increasingly important. The current paper examines the need for a software developer to establish and adhere to certain ethics so as to preserve their integrity.

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On the whole, it should be stressed that for a software developer, integrity and professional ethics are paramount (Larson & Miller, 2017). This is due to the fact that in the contemporary informational society, software engineers frequently have significant access to the information about a large number of people. It might be quite easy for a software developer to choose a path of using their knowledge to cause harm to other people (Lurie & Mark, 2016). For instance, one might use their knowledge in order to create computer viruses and other malware so as to harm other people, extort money from them, or to gain profits for clandestinely destroying competitors of dishonest commercial organizations.

Also, firms may use malicious software for spying on their rivals and extracting sensitive information from their computers. Furthermore, software developers may also be capable of creating spyware which collects personal information about other people; before it is detected, spyware may gather vast amount of data, and unveiling personal information may cause harm. However, commercial organizations may frequently purchase such data, for instance, in order to target people with advertisement.

In addition, it should be stressed that legal businesses also may develop software that is harmful. For instance, some IT organizations may sell apps which allow parents to spy on their children, read their personal messages, and constantly monitor their movement. While some parents may use such software for good purposes, many might abuse it and make the lives of their offspring quite adverse.

Thus, it is pivotal for software engineers to establish the value of integrity and to follow certain ethical principles that allow them to avoid doing harm to others (Lurie & Mark, 2016). Otherwise, software developers might cause much suffering for a large number of people.