The site I selected for landing was Inland, among the forests and hills, as it was close enough to a stream to provide fresh water, and far enough inland to provide protection from some of the harsher weather. When confronted by Lord Powhatan, I opted to offer to trade, to show that we were not here to be hostile but wished to make our lives alongside theirs. Due to the fact that we were so far inland, I opted to build a town, as I did not think we were close enough to the sea to need fortifications, and having made peace with the Indians, I did not think the fort was necessary. In order to get us ready for the coming winter, in spite of the complaints, it was decided that all persons, including gentlemen, should work to earn their keep; this is a new land after all, and with it comes different changes to the lifestyle and adaptation. The only two options I had for my labor force were searching for gold and hunting; given that I could not put all of my labor force to one task, I split the labor force in two and set one half to each task. Virginia is tobacco country, but we would need additional food as well. It was with that in mind that I opted to plant two fields of tobacco and one of corn, giving us a way to make a profit to trade for that which we could not yet get in our area.

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The food rating received was only fair, with the colonists experiencing quite a bit of hunger, in spite of the trade with the Indians, food hunted from the lands, and the corn crop that successfully grew. The health rating received was poor, for in spite of being willing to trade with us, the Indians attacked our settlement; the town layout provided good sanitation but poor protection against unexpected attacks, in spite of the willingness of the Indians to trade. The wealth rating of the colony was excellent due to selling the refined tobacco we received form the Indians back in Europe, and trade resulting from our bountiful crops of tobacco; alas, only fool’s gold was to be found, no one found actual gold. The morale rating of the colony is only fair, for though they were happy with the peace found with the Indians, they did not wish to work, due to the fact that they did not have to do so in England, and they are disappointed that there was no gold to be found.

I find the peace with the Indians to be counterintuitive to the program’s decision to have the Indian’s attack, affecting the health of the colonists, but all other areas indicated that the Indians were assisting the colonists; whether this is a programming glitch or meant to be, it seems the opposite of the outcomes that should have been obtained. I believe that if there had only been one crop of tobacco and two of corn the colonists would have been less hungry and more likely to view the overall score as favorable, allowing me to be named governor. I opted not to utilize the consultations, given the fact that the opinion choices seem as though they would have been easy to ascertain; for example, in determining who would work, it seems obvious that the settlers would have recommended that they not work, in spite of the fact that this would have delayed the work of the colony.

The purpose of the charter company was to make a profit through colonization; in spite of the issues faced by the settlers, it is easy to see that the colony would have been profitable, and as such it seems that the potential for success of the actual Jamestown would have been high. I do not believe that the starving times would have been inevitable due to the fact that if everyone had pitched in and if the appropriate storage facilities had been made and food rationed appropriately, they should have had no issue living off of the land.