Symbols have become a crucial element in the language of advertising. In this paper, I will describe several advertising symbols that I associate with my own life and assess whether they are effective for selling.

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First of all, one of the advertising symbols that is present in my life is the logo for Toyota. It has three ellipses. Each ellipse is a symbol of a heart: the heart of a client, product, ad progress. Toyota was and still is my first car, so the logo is with me every day. Through the logo, I signal other people, “Guys, look here. I’ve got a cool car, a Toyota car.” I believe it is very effective for selling for its elliptical form and a hidden message.

Next, the “M” logo for McDonald’s is another advertising symbol in my life. Oftentimes, I eat in McDonald’s. This is cheap and quick. Not too healthy, of course, but I do not eat much, so it does not harm me. Besides, you always know what to expect from McDonald’s when you come overseas and do not know where to eat out (not to get a food poisoning). In this case, “M”, which stands for McDonald’s, is a recognizable symbol of the fast food chain. Its hidden meaning, however, is a pair of female breasts, as psychologists say. Maybe, this is the thing that makes is so attractive to others and so effective in selling fat-ridden fast food?

Also, an advertising symbol in my life is the Apple logo. I use Apple products (for example, an iPhone 6), so regularly face the logo. The bitten apple fruit is a symbol of a fruit from the tree of knowledge described in the Old Testament. It was taken by Eve from an apple tree against God’s prohibition. The symbol is quite effective because it causes associations with knowledge. Besides, it is easy recognizable and is based on familiar knowledge (we all know the Bible story and what the apple means).

In conclusion, the three symbols of advertising associated with my life are the logos for Toyota, McDonald’s, and Apple. They are all very good at selling these firms’ products.