Samuel is perhaps most known in the Bible for being a prophet and the last of the judges that ruled. He was also a priest and counselor to the lost and ministered unto the Lord before Eli. He was nothing short of a miracle child because he was prayed for by his mother, Hannah, who literally prayed him into existence. Samuel was considered a miracle child because Hannah had been barren for a number of years and unable to conceive. It was through God’s grace and mercy that she was able to conceive Samuel. Hannah’s unwavering faith in God is what helped give Samuel life and give her the son she had longed for.

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Little did Hannah or Samuel know that God had chosen him to be an integral part of leading many to God during a time when Spirituality was at its lowest. God called Samuel to be a prophet, priest, and counselor that propelled him into a prophetic ministry that would forever change the people of Israel. As Samuel grew, he became a great leader of God and this became common knowledge throughout all of Israel, ““All of Israel from Dan to Beersheba knew that Samuel had been established as a prophet of the Lord” (I Samuel 3:19-20).

Among Samuel’s many accomplishments and titles held as a prophet of God, he was appointed with anointing Saul and David as Kings of Israel. Samuel also held the power to rebuke Saul and cast judgement upon him under the title of judge when he saw that Saul was being disobedient to God. This action resulted in Samuel’s anointing of King David; a man after God’s own heart, who became ruler over Israel.

Samuel lived a good and honorable life for and on behalf of the people of Israel. He kept the best-interests of the people in mind at all times, while being certain to follow God’s leading and direction for his life and that of His people from the time God called him to his duties until his death. Samuel considered it an honor to serve God in such a huge way and his actions demonstrated his love, obedience, and loyalty to God that was unsurpassed.