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The Lottery

Themes of 1984, Slaughterhouse Five and The Lottery

The themes that I have connected with the most in the study of 1984, Slaughterhouse Five and The Lottery were those dealing with the tragedy of the absurdity of our society. These novels showed us how easy it is to manipulate us and how little we do to stop such...

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The Lottery Themes

Shirley Jackson in her short story “The Lottery” revealed that adherence to traditions is not always beneficial for the society, and that sometimes one should abandon the usual rituals for the benefit of the new day, since some traditions may lead to unnecessary difficulties and even violence. The story is...

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Irony In The Lottery

Irony suggests that a word or situation will lead a reader to assume the opposite of what the author intends the topic to represent. Irony creates an undertone that can either be comical or disturbing. Although the reader generally is able to pick up on the ironical twists, the existence...

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The Extended Story Ending Of The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

Rationale Suspense is a writing style that challenges the expectations of the reader. In fiction, it creates tension for the reader [...] the tension is between the known and the unknown. ( Klismith 2014.p.1) Mostly, the story unfolds to a great twist at the end that comes as a surprise...

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Contrast and Comparison the Rocking-Horse Winner and the Lottery

The titles of the two fictional stories, ‘The Lottery’ and ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’, arouse a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. Nevertheless, the endings in both stories are very different from what would be expected. ‘The Lottery’ is a short fictional piece that describes a small town that observes an...

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