A Firm’s marketing objectives are the destinations of its marketing role. These must be ordered with the firm’s corporate aims and objectives: that is, in line with the goals of the company as a whole. For the firm to achieve their marketing objectives, businesses use marketing strategies and tactics. It is thus possible to identify a company’s corporate objectives, marketing targets, marketing schemes and marketing tactics into a hierarchy, Jaguar company has a unique set of business objectives. These objectives are a benchmark for all business operations. Every employee has a direct input to one or more of the objectives, and given that each of the objectives is achieved Jaguar land Rover believes its business will be sustainable.

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What are the objectives?
Deliver outstanding quality and customer service
Build the brands and grow revenue
Develop great products that deliver the brand promise
Achieve a competitive cost base
Create the winning team

In order for the company to meet its business objectives, it is essential that it communicate effectively. People, departments, and even large facilities like the factory at

Halewood are required to use a number of tools, often IT related to achieve the business objectives. Without communication and the use of information technology jaguar land

Rover would struggle to survive. Communication at Jaguar Land Rover Halewood is an essential part of the business. Communication can take many forms and each of the forms is recognisable by all employees, which is important if the operation of the plant is to run efficiently. The forms of communication at Halewood are also recognisable throughout the company, which again highlights how important a function communication is.

There are models and procedures in place, which highlight the methods of communication, and from this, the styles and forms of communication can be assigned.

How market changes might affect the business objectives
If the market is highly competitive, for example in the automobile industry, it is difficult for an individual firm like Jaguar to achieve a high market share. For this reason, many automobile firms are now starting to target niche markets, such as sales through automobiles’ markets, in which there is less direct competition. If the economy is growing rapidly, customers will be purchasing more automobiles, and therefore higher targets for sales and prices can be included in the business’s marketing objectives. If the pound has a high value against the dollar, this will encourage UK importers to import automobile parts from the USA, allowing businesses to target higher sales levels.


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