Probably more than at any other time in history, a college education has become the most sought after qualification. Menand (p. 1) finds that at least 68% of all individuals who graduate from high school join college, while 6% of the population in the U.S. enrolls for college which is significantly higher than the enrollment rate of 3% witnessed in France and the U.K. Majority of professionals in the U.S. believe that there is a high value in graduating college because the pay levels are higher for college graduates than high school graduates. In addition, individuals with a college education have higher levels of workforce or labor skills, as well as more job opportunities, than high school graduates. The theory that a college education will level the playing field is the theory by Menand that most closely matches my reasons for pursuing a college education, which is mainly based on the democracy of thought (Menand 1).In this theory, students should attend college in order to enhance their exposure to different experiences, in an increasingly multi-dimensional and multi-faceted world (Menand 1). By enrolling in and attending college, the student will achieve the level of socialization that they require in order to expand their networks and enhance their chances of success in the contemporary world. Furthermore, according to this theory of college, attaining a college education will also support the student’s intellectual and personal growth. A college education also prepares the young individual for adult existence b instilling an attitude of achievement, while also encouraging the student to explore the unknown by leaving their comfort zone (Menand 1). Perhaps most importantly, a college education provides the individual with free social capital, with these relationships helping them in their later life including when looking for a job. Finally, a college education will level the playing field by refining the student into a better individual.

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