The purpose of this paper is to give my perspective as to whether it would be fair to deny someone a job because of derogatory information that I have about them which contradicts my personal code of ethics. I go on to note other things that I need to consider in deciding to hire this individual in respect my company. I also describe an ethical dilemma that I have faced in my workplace, and whether I acted based on my self code of ethics.

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I believe that it would be fair to deny someone a job if the derogatory information I held could negatively affect their work. A good example of this is alcoholism and illegal drug use. Aside from ascertaining negative information on an applicant, I would also consider their work ethic. “Every employee, from the CEO to entry-level workers, must have a good work ethic to keep the company functioning at its peak” (Jenkins, 2017). When employees behave in an ethical way, it guarantees that there is an ethically positive workplace, and this elevates staff morale. It also assures the company that tasks are being carried out in an honest manner with the upmost integrity (Cleverism, n.d.).

One ethical dilemma that I faced in my workplace, concerned a member of staff who had a cocaine habit. I actually saw her snort some while at work. I was quite friendly with her, and knew that she had a serious relationship problem, and that her boyfriend was the one who introduced her to this illegal drug. Based on my self code of ethics, I acted to try to help her so that she could improve her life and not lose her job. I had a long talk with her, and recommended a help group. I told her that if I saw her doing this again in the workplace, I would have to report her to our manager. I also gave her the details of a website regarding employers taking action against employees who they suspect are using drugs (Sight, n.d.), as I though that it may make her face the reality of the situation.

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