Education is one of the powerful tools in guiding the social, economic and cultural perspectives in the society. The advent of globalization and information systems has led to a massive change of the structural and functional orientation of the traditional education systems. This has presented various challenges that must be addressed to mitigate the paralysis that in imminent to the public education entity. Adequate commitment of resources to the education system, change of cultural perspectives and change of policy can assist in promoting the status of education. There is an urgent need for the relevant authorities to invest in the acquisition of elemental facilities that can assist in modernizing the education system. This can include acquisition of modern equipment and technological tools alongside acquiring a motivated human resource.

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The change of the culture to the whole education entity is essential towards promoting a positive growth in the sector. A positive cultural transformation can include embracing the modern educational engagements like the use of technology in the society. This can increase the level of commitment from various stakeholders in the education system. This can also provide a good basis to the transition from the traditional systems to give learners a good learning foundation.

The change policy is also a realistic approach towards providing good education to the people. This can provide a good platform along which modernization can occur and give a good legal frameworks and guideline for the change of various educational entities to meet the current and future educational requirements.
To sum up, education is an important element of the society and the overall improvement of the quality of life. To manage the challenges that are affecting the sector across the world, there is need to have a comprehensive strategy that can assist in covering all areas that are associated with the challenge.