Having and being part of a family is an essential part of life. It makes one feel loved, safe, secure and supported. There are many benefits and advantages to family.
I think one of the most important functions of a family is to support each other. While having friends who support you is great, it is not the same as a mother, father or sibling standing by you when things in your life are good or not so good. When someone is having a difficult time, having the support of a family member means you have unconditional love and whatever is bothering you, is kept confidential. Also, family members more often than not will support your goals and aspirations. For example, if you want to be a professional dancer, many people, including some of your friends, may tell you it’s not a wise career choice. Family members know you the best. They know what your dreams and aspirations are and they will support your decision — even if they don’t agree with it.

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We live in family groups because it’s been that way since we lived in caves. Thousands of years later, in present day, there is more research showing that people lead longer and healthier lives when they have solid relationships with other people. It is a natural part of who we are, as humans, to be part of a family unit. It is part of human evolution. How families are structure has gone through a recent revolution. It used to be that children left home after college but many are returning home after college, which has changed how the family unit evolves.

There are many key advantages of being part of a family. Families have history, rituals and traditions that define who they are. Families share stories that are only meaningful to them and can be carried on to future generations. Families can be trusted when help is needed raising children and grandchildren. Perhaps most importantly, being part of a family means security. It helps us identify with who we are. It teaches us about relationships, whether they’re good or bad. It teaches us how to interact and socialize with other people and in society.