Research shows that insurance companies play an important role in the healthcare field. In a study by Zikusooka et al. (S66), the focus is on the capacity of private health insurance schemes to remain competitive once National Health Insurance is introduced in Uganda. The researchers rely on the adoption of quantitative research methodology, respectively structured questionnaires. The quantitative data obtained in this research was analyzed using STATA, as the major finding reported by the researchers was that private health insurance schemes may be abandoned when the mandatory National Health Insurance is introduced. The reliability of the selected methodology is high considering the possibility to generalize the results to the wider population. In terms of sample, the researchers selected employers and employees in Kampala, as the emphasis was on grouping particular questions in distinct categories allowing the exploration of the impact of insurance companies.

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In order to compare similar aspects in the healthcare, it is important to consider the results from a case study conducted in the Netherlands regarding private health insurance (Tapay and Colombo 14). Perceived from an equity perspective, the private healthcare field in the Netherlands seems to do quite well in terms of insurance (Zamosky 52). A thorough case study of the sector in the respective country revealed that benefit packages appear similar between methods of private and social insurance. However, it should be noted that those individuals who are privately insured have a greater choice of selecting broader benefit packages, with long-term implications of quality and reliability. In addition, the mentioned case study indicated that the healthcare authorities in the Netherlands have adequately addressed emerging inequities in financing. Another significant finding demonstrated by the researchers was that private health insurance companies in the Netherlands’ healthcare field had limited leverage when it comes to healthcare costs.

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