The Turkish army has a population of 500 thousand people. In case of a military conflict it can be increased to 900 thousand.

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The troops of Turkey are completed on the recruiting basis and the age limit is from 20 to 21. The compulsory military service lasts from six to fifteen months. After the demobilization, the citizen is considered liable and is registered in military record until 45 years. In case of a declared war time, the army may call men from 16 to 60 years and women – from 20 to 46. It is interesting that a citizen may be exempted from compulsory military service by paying 16-17 thousand Turkish liras (about 8 thousand dollars) to the budget.

After the end of military service, soldiers and sergeants remain in a special reserve (reserve of the 1st turn) for a year, then they are transferred to the reserve of the second stage, where they remain until the age of 41. Persons aged from 41 to 60 years constitute the reserve of the third phase.

The Turkish armed forces are part of two ministries – defense and interior. They consist of ground forces, naval forces, air forces, gendarmerie and coast defense. During the war, the gendarmerie is transferred to the subordination of the Ministry of defense, and units of coastal defense to part of the Turkish Navy.

The highest governing body which exercises operational command is the General staff of the country. The head of this Department is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Cabinet. The chief of General staff subordinates to the commanders of the army, navy and air force of Turkey. Head of the General staff is the fourth person in the country, after the President, Parliament speaker and Prime Minister.

The Cabinet of Ministers develops and is responsible for policy in the field of national security. According to the Turkish Constitution, the Parliament has the authority to declare war, martial law or send Turkish troops outside of the country.