Introduction: Many of you know there are Seven Wonders of the World, however, do you know that there is the eighth wonder? Burj Khalifa is the eighth wonder of the world and prides itself on being the tallest building in the world. It is three times as tall as the Eiffel Tower in France. It is located in Dubai, United Arabs Emirates. According to, the tip of Burj Khalifa can be seen from up to 95 kilometers away. The building boasts of having the highest number of floors occupied as well as the highest outdoor observation deck in the world.

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Tie the Audience: If I may ask, how many of you are aware of the contributions that Burj Khalifa has made the society apart from tourist attraction.

My Credentials: I researched on the contributions that Burj Khalifa makes to the society.
Thesis: Burj Khalifa is one of the major tourist attractions in the United Arab Emirates.

Main Points: I will elaborate on three points on how Burj Khalifa contributes to the society.
1. Water catchment
2. Environmental sustainable
3. Creation of employment

Body: Point 1
Transition: The changes that have taken place in the world has forced the society to look into climate change. It is interesting that a country that was once considered to be a desert has the tallest building in the world. Therefore, out of curiosity, I wanted to know some of the sources of water in the Dubai. I was surprised to learn that Burj Khalifa is considered a water catchment source.
Evidence: According to the building collects approximately 15 million gallons of water yearly. The water that is collected from the building is used to supply the Dubai Fountain, irrigation in watering the landscape and plants.
Analysis: A majority of the people were taken aback on learning that the building is self-sufficient as far as the activities related to water are concerned. The rain waters collected by the building are used in the building, and there is no external source of water for it.
Summarize: Burj Khalifa is attracting people to learn about how buildings can be self-sufficient.

Body: Point 2
Transition: Burj Khalifa is also environmental friendly. I know some may ask how this is possible considering its height.
Tie to the Audience: How many of you are familiar with buildings that run solely on solar power?
Evidence: Burj Khalifa is considered to be one of the most sustainable buildings in the world according to The energy that is used in the building is tapped using solar panels. The building boasts of producing enough power to run the different activities. Importantly, the use of the solar power has helped the building to save about 3,200 kW of energy.
Analysis: I did not have the opportunity of seeing the solar panels, but the information was confirmed by the management.

Body: Point 3
Transition: Burj Khalifa has created employment because of the different businesses being run in the building. For example, the Armani hotel which according to occupies eleven floors of Burj Khalifa. It has a private entrance that is used by the guests that want to access the hotel.
Analysis: Different businesses are run in the building such as hotels, a mall, shops, and offices among others. They have been integral in employing those who live around Dubai. It is such investments that spur the growth of the economy because business has the opportunity for expanding. Also, they woo investors into the country. So Burj Khalifa is contributing immensely to the society.

Summarize: From my end, the building plays an integral role in the society.
Conclusion: I hope that my speech has provided you with an insight of how Burj Khalifa contributes to the society. I wish that we get more interested in how the places we visit contribute to the society.

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