In the emergence of the internet, the usage of newspapers has declined to result in low sales and advertisement. As a result, newspaper companies have made attempts to pay a fee for a delivery of their products, to boost sales. Besides, the team in the Newspaper Company have developed creative ideas to overcome the barriers of internet use as a hindrance to the use of newspapers. They have used skills in creative thinking to pinpoint efficient solutions that might create positive change. Furthermore, the team D have used four key factors in making decisions related to business. It has identified critical thinking and contingency plans as important strategies to promote an expansion of newspaper business.

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In the business world, successful business owners consider all the possible business outcomes to achieve the mission and vision of a company. An expansion of business plan is one of the major strategies to achieve success (Saperstein, 2014). Conversely, a team that is not well prepared to implement its ideas might pose a risk to a business through a hindrance of growth and success. To overcome the barriers of low sales of newspapers, it would be important for team D to make use of thinking and contingency planning, which could ensure that the company is well prepared for future success.

The four key factors expand on the foundations of contingency planning and critical thinking. The executives have to know the roles that they need to play to promote the effectiveness of business. Team D needs to create key effective options in the process of making decisions related to the sales of newspapers (Mitchell and Harlow, 2013). Additionally, a flat style of management would ensure that all the workers know what happens in a company and that they are treated equally in a company. The strategy would create job security and a conducive working environment.

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