Smartphones comprise a particular category of phones that have become important for consumers all over the world for the many options and functions they comprise. People carry their phones everywhere, they use them day and night and they have become much more of personal assistants than simple phones. The market offers many different such devices, depending on price, brand, operation system, available applications and functions, to meet the demands of any modern buyer. However, of all available options, the iPhone, produced by Apple, is the most popular smartphone on the market, being the first choice of millions of people around the world. The iPhone is not only the most reliable phone on the market, but also, the one which embodies most functions, and the one that combines a stylish and professional look, with lots of fun applications, to appeal to the professional individual who comes home to be a usual guy, who plays on his phone. Therefore, the iPhone is the most valuable communication product on the market, for its social functions, the efficiency of the company that commercializes it and its reliability.

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The first valuable aspect of the iPhone is its social function. The first thing that an iPhone customer finds out about his or her new phone it “is a mobile phone, but it’s also much, much more” (Minute Help Gides). As all smartphones, the iPhone allows users to connect to the internet, to remain in tough with others by means of its social networking applications, and to check the email quickly. Smartphones in general and iPhones in particular, function as ‘personal assistants’ even more than as mobile phones. The iPhone however is a more advanced social networking device, because it allows people who use these products to play games in networks, in groups or pairs, and to communicate while playing. This is a unique feature that allows people to connect wherever they live, and to make new acquaintances. The iPhone also provides different types of free and paid applications, which are much more interesting than the apps for other smartphones, and much more diverse. The allow people to organize events, to share files rapidly, and to see each other while talking via a program called Face Time. Finally, their professional aspects make these phones the choice of successful people who consider that their phones are part of the image which they show to the world. These phones tell people something about the owners and therefore, they make a powerful social statement. These features, which allow people to remain socially connected and to make new friends, increase the value of this product.

The value of this product is also increased by the way that the Apple team promotes the phone and serves the customers. The Apple team promoted the product intensely and provided simple but sufficient explanations regarding the product. In addition, the phone came with easy-to –follow instructions, and brought something new to the market. The team behind the product increases the value of the product by offering a very reliable product, and quick answers to the customers. They make online information and apps readily available to users, and provide easy and reliable services all over the world, not only in the United States. Finally, the innovative Apple team in charge with Apple developments continues to offer more and more apps programs and updated versions of the iPhone which maintains the users’ interest and attracts new users as well.

One more important reason why iPhones are the most valuable smartphones available is the reliability of the products themselves. These phones are very sturdy and they are resistant to drops, water, and all kinds of aggressions. In addition, their software is very reliable and no viruses affect them. One drawback of the product is the short battery life, but this is solely because the many fun features and organizational tools of the iPhone make people want to use it all the time, so the battery’s life span is rather short. However, this does not decrease the value of the product, because customers seem to be unconcerned with this aspect, and favor much more a smartphone that can give them all the applications and features they are looking for, than they are concerned with the battery’s life span. In addition, iPhones do not break easily and its parts do not need to be replaced easily, as it happens in the case of most other phones. They are valuable because they insure the customers that the phone they buy will not them down and will not need many repairs in time.

Therefore, as this paper tried to show, the iPhone are such valuable products because they offer complete packages to their users: a device that offer lots of fun to the users through the applications and games, and a professional aspect that make it the phone of choice for the people with an office job, because it completes their look. This phone is valuable for all the social tools that allow people to communicate and keep in touch at all times. The powerful and efficient Apple team behind this product also increases the value of the product itself. Finally, the sturdiness and resistance of the product increase its user value, despite the low battery life span. These aspects transform the iPhone into the most valuable smartphone on the market.

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