The devastation, destruction and human rights violations of the two Wars in Chechnya (1994 and 1999) have been a hot button issue in international politics for the last two decades. Since Russia annexed Chechnya mor than 200 years ago, the area has resisted that country’s rule. Chechnya, however, is extremely important geographically and economically because of the oil pipelines as well as the oil itself found there. Although the Second Chechnya War has never officially been declared over, Russia has spent millions in recent years to restore the capital city of Grozny, but Chechnya continues to fight back with guerilla tactics based on the Islamic principle of Holy War.

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After viewing “The Three Rooms of Melancholia” on Youtube, the first two adjectives that come to mind are utter desolation. It appears this conflict has completely destroyed all vestiges of normalcy and comfort for the Chechnyan people. It is as if all the basic comforts of running water, heat and electricity has been wrested from them with piles of rubble as the reminder of things past. The impression one receives is all they know is this kind of life, therefore they simply accept it and do the best they can to overcome. They certainly don’t appear to be defeated though.

As for the children in The Three Rooms of Melancholia, the scene where they are taken from their mother is heartrending, because although it is unspoken, you are left with the sense that is the last time they will see her alive. Naturally a war of that nature has an effect on children. Many are orphaned and left to fend for themselves. They have no security. They are not allowed to grow and be nurtured. They must simply carve out a way to survive. They can trust no one. Therefore, the war only breeds more hatred and continues the cycle for these children will grow up remembering all the losses and hardships they suffered. It’s a vicious cycle.

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