Our world has made tremendous progress in economic terms but some things do not change such as the greed of men, especially of those in power. And greedy people often end up doing more damage than good. Fortunately, we have also made social progress and today a common person has more power and greater voice. It is our duty to educate ourselves and make sure those who do not understand the responsibility that come with power do not become our political leaders.
This is especially important because such leaders do not only destroy our present but also our future. We do not have to look hard to find an example of how greedy people with people impose huge economic and social costs on the society. U.S. politicians went to war to display their military might and steal oil but they have ended up doing more damage to themselves. The cost of both Iraq and Afghan wars has been estimated in trillions of dollars .

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U.S. Chief Justice of Supreme Court John Roberts once said it is not the court”s job to protect people from the consequences of their mistakes and by this he meant political choices such as the leaders people elect who then make decisions for them . The world needs to change and the change should start from us. We need to educate ourselves and educate others so that we don”t choose leaders who wage wars and lead to the deaths of millions of people due to greed. Politicians and corporations only care about power and money and it is up to us to stand and use our democratic rights to improve the world.

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