This is a British American drama film which about romance directed by Richard Quine. The movie which is from a novel by Richard mason was played by Paul Osborn and ray Starks production films in 1960s. The movie is a story of an American architect called Robert Lomex. He pursued a new career in Hong Kong as a painter where he meets Suzie Wong, who is a very beautiful despite being a prostitute. Her lifestyle creates many problems to the couple. The movie rotates about the romantic lives of Suzie and Robert. Robert met Suzie at a bar, and they fell in love. The movie is a classic racist and sexist text in which many Chinese women are prostitutes. Roberts’s admirer Kay is of British culture while Robert is an American so they share the same western culture.

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Robert wants Suzie to be a model but they fall in love. Suzie becomes interested in him not as a customer but a boyfriend. The first obstacle which any man can face is that Suzie is a prostitute. No man on earth will be willing to fall to a prostitute and Robert had sworn that he will not sleep with the bar girls. Suzie’s morals are an obstacle to Robert as many white people will disrespect Robert for marrying a prostitute. Robert can not get past the fact that Suzie is a prostitute. Robert comes to understand that prostitutes are also human and that Suzie was forced into that life by poverty after her uncle threwe her out at the age of 8. The respect in Roberts’s heart makes him overcome this obstacle by respecting all the people irrespective of their culture.

Suzie’s culture is an obstacle to Robert marrying her. It was very rare for Chinese ladies who were viewed as prostitutes to get married to the Americans and Britons. The whites feel superior to the Chinese and no gentleman will be disposed to marry a Chinese lady at the expense of a white one. This is seen when Robert is confused about whether to love Kay O’Neill or Suzie Wong who is just a slut.

Another obstacle is the lady by the name Kay O’Neill, who is falling for Robert. Firstly kay is a britiush lady who is a banker’ daughter and from a rich family. Robert would be tempted to love her since they shre the same cultutre and have the same ideologies unlike Suzie. She has money and she can comfortably accopmodate Robert in financial difficulties but his pride can not allow a lady to support him. Robert overcomes this by having a different view against the whites who view Chinese ladies as prostitutes. Robert sees Suzie as human and understands her against the odds. Alo Robert overcomes this when the lady can not help him trace Suzie and this make him look for Suzie.

It will be extremely hard for any man to accept a child who is not theirs. This is an obstacle which faces Robert. Robert finds out that Suzie had a son which she visited secretly. The child was white and it will be poosible for the father to visit him one day as it is allowed which can make Robert feel dishonored.It can be argued that Robert was human and that she understood Suzie the way she was and they end up marrying. He views her as a normal human being.

No man will be willing to marry an illiterate lady especially from the western cultures. Despite being illiterate Robert accepts her. The humanistic nature of Robert makes him accept the illiteracy in her she know it’s not her wish to be illiterate but the conditions. He helps her in a restaurant where Suzie is unable to read the menu. Robert has gone against all odds to marry Suzie.

The first obstacle is Suzie’s self-low esteem. Suzie views herself as a bad person since she is a prostitute, and she thinks that Robert hates because of her immorality. She does not believe anyone can marry her thus she lacks the confidence women should have. By being close to Robert, she starts to view herself as human and Robert plays a part in restoring her self-esteem. Suzie plans with ben to tame Robert to confess that he loved her. Ben had told Robert that he is leaving his wife for Suzie to make Robert jealous and he goes ahead to teel him that he wants to leave Suzie which upon Robert telling Suzie,she is so hurt that Robert acceptrs to love her.

Suzie has been abused by all men in life which makes her have a negative attitude towards them. He feels that even Robert will end up abusing her. This is a challenge to any lady since they can’t trust men. Robert proves to be different from other men by accepting her despite the odds thus he helps her overcome the challenge.

Suzie is faced by the obstacle that Robert is financially unstable and the bankers daughter is ready to help robert which disturb her to a point of even trying to go back to prostitution to make ends meet. When Robert learns that Suzie had paid his rent,he throws her out and unfortunately she does not come back and it starts to rain. Robert asks the bankers daughter for help which she refuses thanking that Robert will fall for her since Suzie is not there. This makes roberrt to realize his mistake and starts looking for Suzie and finally she finds her worried about her son. They later find out the son had died of floods and the movie ends win the funeral of the son after which they ppromise to love one anther forever.

The cultural difference is a challenge to any Chinese lady who intends to marry a white man by then. The way they treated the Chinese would make any Chinese lady to be reluctant and even reject any marriage offer from a white man. The way she sees Robert and how Robert has been nice to her makes her overcome that challenge and she accepts Robert though he is of American culture. She goes even further to help him financially which is not the situation for many women in the society.