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Evil in a Good God’s World

In considering that the principles of a religion are generally founded within a god or entity that created everything, is responsible for everything, and is capable of everything, it is easy to believe that this god would either not allow evil or also be responsible for its presence. After all,...

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Theology Summer Reading: The Screwtape Letters

C.S. is one of the most prolific authors and is considered by many to be a leading a voice in the Christian community. Throughout his long and fruitful writing career he wrote many books speaking in favor of Christianity. In particular, The Screwtape Letters is a unique and immensely powerful...

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Passion of Christ

The clip, "Passion of Christ," gives the story of torment and doubt by Jesus at Gethsemane. Many Christians usually find the passage provocative. The clip depicts a far more human Jesus than the superhuman Jesus seen throughout passages of the gospels. The preceding events before the prayer portrayed Jesus as...

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What Kind Of Messiah Is Mark’s Jesus?

Similarly to other Greco-Romano biographies, the Gospel According to Mark overlooks Jesus’ life and focuses primarily on the events that marked his adult life. In his account of Jesus’ ministry, Mark sought to emphasize his followers’ reluctance and inability to accept the fact that the Son of God was born...

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The Sacred or Secular Divide

Even though the sacred-secular divide can be difficult to define clearly, it can be best understood as how people view their lives based on a distinction or separation between someone’s sacred or religious beliefs and a person’s secular or worldly beliefs. In other words, some people find themselves living in...

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The Kingdom of God

The bible is branded as a library of books due to its massive content of sixty six books. In addition, the bible is divided into two major sections namely the Old Testament and the New Testament. Despite the fact that the bible is a unified book there are a few...

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Comparisons Between The New Testament And The Quran

The religions of Christianity and Islam are guided by principles taken from their holy books, the New Testament and the Quran, respectively. One significant difference between the two books nevertheless is that the Bible is comprised of a collection of writing by many different people who claim to have witnessed...

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Jesus – Son of The Most High

At a time of political oppression, when the Romans dominated the historically obscure town of Nazareth, the more than welcomed annunciation of the long-awaited Messiah, ‘Son of the Most High’, is made to the humble virgin, Mary. It is convincing that this is the annunciation of the birth of the...

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Johnson and Hick: The Existence of God Based on the Existence of Evil

B.C. Johnson and John Hick each provide an explanation of evil which either supports or refutes the existence of God, however neither argument is satisfying. There is no acknowledgement of relativism or subjectivity in either essay; in fact, good and evil are treated as absolutes. Good and evil cannot be...

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The Torah and The Ten Commandments

The Torah is the name of the central literature of Judaism. Within it lay all of the core concepts, beliefs and traditions of the Jewish religion. Also embedded in the Torah are legal codes that are still practiced. There are a few in which I will examine in this paper....

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Obedience in God

In Deuteronomy 30:15-16, Moses tells the people of Israel that if they obey the Lord’s commandments, then they will be massively blessed. On the other hand, failure to heed to this covenant will lead to death. Basically, Moses is reiterating to the Israelites the essence of God’s covenant by reminding...

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The Pilgrims And Puritans

Both the Pilgrims and the Puritans found the Church of England so corrupt that they believed it was necessary to seek a new land to practice their religion freely and without persecution. Under the rule of King James, an enemy of reformers, the Pilgrims first left England for the Netherlands,...

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Discuss Theology

The proper position is that contemporary theology is some combination of the two possible opinions. Contemporary theology is, in some ways, an addition or a correction to traditional theology. If one believes the Bible and God's word to be something that should be understood and re-discovered over the course of...

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Theology in Friendship

One of the most important aspects of faith for me is knowing how to balance my faith with the demands of a secular society and non-Christian company. While faith is one of the most important aspects of my life, I am always forced to acknowledge that this is not always...

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Religion and Morality

Religion can help us understand morality and can help set moral guidelines for us to follow; yet the morality of an action depends on more than whether a God commanded it. We can see why the fact that a god has commanded us to act in a certain way may...

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The Ayatollah Kohmeini

Question 1: Khomeini’s attitude toward monarchy is that it is a secular form of power that needs to be eliminated in order for an Islamic country to be truly in line with spiritual teaching. He believes that the Shaw is more concerned with secular power than he is with the...

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Jewish Religious Tradition

Within the Jewish religious tradition, narratives that include themes of exile are prominent, such as the exile of Moses to the desert. In these narratives, the concept of exile serves a powerful spiritual function. Separating oneself from the bonds and obligations of society opens the individual to an experience of...

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1) Zaabalawi is a sheikh and holy man who is described by the people around him as a saint. The chief character is trying to find Zaabalawi because has an illness which has no cure. The main character does not find Zaabalawi, he falls asleep in a tavern after having...

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Doctrinal Issues Concerning Buddhist Nuns

The topic which I hope to address in this paper is how the experience of Buddhist nuns is constructed, first and foremost, as a product of gendered pressures historically and in the present moment. What I think that we have the potential to reveal, with this inquiry, is whether and...

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The Role Of Meditation Practice In Buddhism

This paper will be a reflection on one particular aspect of Buddhism. In the following piece of writing, I will discuss the role of meditation practice in Buddhism, as explained by Esposito, Fasching & Lewis in Religions of Asia Today. Meditation has arguably the same level of significance to the...

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