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The Kingdom of God

The bible is branded as a library of books due to its massive content of sixty six books. In addition, the bible is divided into two major sections namely the Old Testament and the New Testament. Despite the fact that the bible is a unified book there are a few...

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Comparisons Between The New Testament And The Quran

The religions of Christianity and Islam are guided by principles taken from their holy books, the New Testament and the Quran, respectively. One significant difference between the two books nevertheless is that the Bible is comprised of a collection of writing by many different people who claim to have witnessed...

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Jesus – Son of The Most High

At a time of political oppression, when the Romans dominated the historically obscure town of Nazareth, the more than welcomed annunciation of the long-awaited Messiah, ‘Son of the Most High’, is made to the humble virgin, Mary. It is convincing that this is the annunciation of the birth of the...

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Johnson and Hick: The Existence of God Based on the Existence of Evil

B.C. Johnson and John Hick each provide an explanation of evil which either supports or refutes the existence of God, however neither argument is satisfying. There is no acknowledgement of relativism or subjectivity in either essay; in fact, good and evil are treated as absolutes. Good and evil cannot be...

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The Torah and The Ten Commandments

The Torah is the name of the central literature of Judaism. Within it lay all of the core concepts, beliefs and traditions of the Jewish religion. Also embedded in the Torah are legal codes that are still practiced. There are a few in which I will examine in this paper....

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