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The Ayatollah Kohmeini

Question 1: Khomeini’s attitude toward monarchy is that it is a secular form of power that needs to be eliminated in order for an Islamic country to be truly in line with spiritual teaching. He believes that the Shaw is more concerned with secular power than he is with the...

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Jewish Religious Tradition

Within the Jewish religious tradition, narratives that include themes of exile are prominent, such as the exile of Moses to the desert. In these narratives, the concept of exile serves a powerful spiritual function. Separating oneself from the bonds and obligations of society opens the individual to an experience of...

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1) Zaabalawi is a sheikh and holy man who is described by the people around him as a saint. The chief character is trying to find Zaabalawi because has an illness which has no cure. The main character does not find Zaabalawi, he falls asleep in a tavern after having...

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Doctrinal Issues Concerning Buddhist Nuns

The topic which I hope to address in this paper is how the experience of Buddhist nuns is constructed, first and foremost, as a product of gendered pressures historically and in the present moment. What I think that we have the potential to reveal, with this inquiry, is whether and...

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The Role Of Meditation Practice In Buddhism

This paper will be a reflection on one particular aspect of Buddhism. In the following piece of writing, I will discuss the role of meditation practice in Buddhism, as explained by Esposito, Fasching & Lewis in Religions of Asia Today. Meditation has arguably the same level of significance to the...

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