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Theories and Concepts

Kohlberg’s Moral Stages

The theory by Kohlberg has certainly done well to identify that moral reasoning is the main component of integrity and it is associated with specific developmental categories. Each category comprises of a specific set of moral dilemmas. According to Kohlberg, cognitive and moral development are integrated. In most cases, the...

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Game Theory

A game is a formal tool for describing a strategic situation. Game theory refers to a model of optimal decision making between different players. Besides, game theory is instrumental in ascertaining the relationships between different players in a game and their respective courses of actions or strategies in a particular...

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Maslow Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s motivation theory suggests that individuals become motivated by a “hierarchy of human needs” (Yoder-Wise, p. 10). These needs begin with physiologic needs, and then progress according to safety, social needs, esteem needs and self-actualizing needs (Yoder-Wise, p. 10). Thus, when the need for basic safety needs including water, food...

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Butterfly Effect

Term the ‘butterfly effect’ has been presented by Edward Lorenz, the famous mathematician and diligent meteorologist. He arrived at this discovery in the process of producing weather predictions. Lorenz conducted his experiment several times to prove that the atmospheric disturbances are not chaotic, but they have some order in the...

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Social Science Theory Assessment

Self-Determination Theory The theory presents a motivational ideology that explains the intrinsic and natural tendencies that initiate healthy and effective behaviors in human beings. According to the theory satisfaction is an essential intrinsic motivational tool that is developed by the sense of fulfilment. The theory also posits that the environment...

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