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Theories and Concepts

How Does Russell’s Theory of Definite Description Deal with the Problem of Substitutivity?

In his paper 'On Denoting' Bertrand Russell claims to provide a theory of 'denoting' which is capable of solving the problem of the ambiguity of objects involved when thinking about phrases which denote or which make truth claims about particular objects. These problems are summarised as being connected to an...

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Analyzing Intelligence Theories and Evaluating Intelligence Testing

In today’s world of constant education reform, theories of intelligence and intelligence testing have become essential aspects in the quest to improve student learning. It is no wonder that the measurement of cognitive abilities has become big business in the United States. Developed around the same time, Howard Gardner’s theory...

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Utopia. The model of a perfect society. An island of nowhere. Thomas More did not just stumble upon the idea. More calls into the limelight the social issues of his day and age. The great Humanistic awakening, Protestant Reformation, and great thought to the nature of life and society was...

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Endogenous and Exogenous Growth Theories

The idea of the exogenous growth developed out of the neoclassical growth model. The exogenous growth model takes into consideration aspects such as production and technological variables as determinants of growth. On its part, the endogenous growth model is based on the principle that forces the capital investment and the...

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Nursing Paradigm and Concepts

Nursing is an essential discipline that supports and assists the welfare of human beings. It comprises of several components and elements that play a key part in the progressing nursing principles. The goal of this paper is to present my beliefs on the descriptions of nursing and on the four...

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