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Theories and Concepts

Prisoner’s Dilemma

In the world of mathematics, there is a wide variety of research topics that are related to other fields of study, such as economics, sociology, health, etc. Therefore, mastering mathematical tools and finding their application in real life is essential for the future academic education and career. In this paper,...

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Response to Scientific Thinking

1. What is the difference between what everyone does at times and what is necessary to be doing SCIENCE? It is imperative to consider the difference between scientific thinking and conventional thinking as it reflects on how people act and respond to different issues. People conduct activities anyhow but scientific...

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Leidenfrost Effect

What is Leidenfrost Effect? It is so-called after Mr. Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost, who did research on it in 1976. This effect usually occurs when a liquid is brought close to a surface which is much hotter than that liquids boiling point. If this happens, there is production of a layer...

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Application of Bayes Theorem

Abstract In order to account for multiple variables that may impact the probability of an event Bayes Theorem may be applied accordingly. Subsequently, Bayes Theorem of conditional probability can be applied to predict the possibility of deriving one certain outcome during an event. One scientific article chronicles the “Causes of...

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Freud And Neo-Freudians

Sigmund Freud created the Theory of Psychosexual Development, or psychoanalytic theory. He viewed the human psyche as an iceberg. The conscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is above the water. The unconscious mind is the larger part which is unseen below the water. The mind is composed...

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