The question seeks to provide an answer that discusses how a single element is greater in validity more than the other or more than others. In this case, it is important to understand how essential is a “knower’s perspective” as compared to everyone else’s? Based on the topic argument, it is basically saying that the point of view of an individual is critical when it comes to them acquiring knowledge. The knower’s is the individual who is making the observation or possessing the awareness, the perspective is the point of view, frame of mind, or stance; essential is the desirable, important; while pursuit of knowledge is the objective of learning or aspiration for knowledge (Heydorn). Therefore, I agree to a large extent that every person’s perspective is essential when pursuing knowledge.

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When it comes to History, it is significant to take into consideration every perspective before developing an individual perspective on a particular issue. It would be considered a practice of negligence to shun other points of views since an individual would not possess a fuller understanding of the other individuals’ actions and as a result would have poor thoughts of other individual for no reason. Therefore, following the acknowledgement of other people’s perspectives, an individual can develop and shape their own perspective with ease (Rhode). Basically, the more acknowledgement of perspectives the better since one has a balanced set of opinions of both sides. When reading as well as studying about History, more especially about the material associated to the past conflicts, each perspective of the nation should be taken into consideration for the purpose of acquiring an in-depth understanding as well as comprehension of what actually took place.

For instance, when studying about the History of the United States or APUSH in 10th grade, the materials and books that are read were pro-America. In addition, the resources acquired all supported the actions of the United States. However, if we lacked better understanding and studied materials beyond the textbook, we would not have been informed that some US’ actions were wrong and deceitful (Townley). In addition, the saying that “The winners write the history” comes into play especially in this particular instance. While in the previous case discussed, the US was always viewed as the winners of wars and conflicts while on the other hand, the Nazi German viewed as losers and also as “bad guys” of world peace and stability. Therefore, it is imperative carrying out studies on both points of view, from the positions of winners and losers for the purpose of acquiring a better sense of what is taking place or happening.

In relation to Natural Sciences, Science entails developing a hypothesis as well as making an attempt to disclaim the hypothesis. Therefore, science is commonly making adjustments, mending and molding itself for the purpose of becoming the most pure form. According to Heydorn, Galileo Galilei’s was convinced that the shape of the universe was similar to the Heliocentric model, whereby the sun was at the center in the entire solar system (Heydorn). During his time, when the Catholic Church had believed that the universe was operating on the Geocentric system, whereby the Earth was positioned at the center of the universe, Galileo came under obvious ridicule for such idea. However, following many more scientists and astronomers diving into this concerning topic, the idea by Galileo was considered to be correct. Therefore, it is imperative for the scientists particularly to develop their own hypothesis and perspectives even if they are wring as well as trying to disprove them (Mitcham). If many people are willing to follow a leap of faith, then more science could have uncovered and consequently, more knowledge could have been attained or achieved.

There are various counter claims presented against the views supporting the extent of agreement. One of the significant counter claims involves memory and eye witness testimony. Law enforcements as well as policemen use the system of eye witness testimony for the purpose of providing evidence to establish the truth for judges to deliver justice. Basically, people at the scene where the crime has taken place are brought in for the purpose of describing the crime and also in order for them to offer more input to support the police and law enforcement agencies’ evidence and arguments (Rhode). Another point to note is that, essentially, the idea behind eye witness testimony is based on the memory from the eye witnesses in order to assist in identifying criminals or the physical descriptions of the crime that will be overall be beneficial for the courts and the police as well. The perspective of the eye witnesses is significant when making an attempt to try in piecing together a crime which is puzzling. Eye witness testimony is argued to be both effective and on the other ineffective in relation to delivery of justice.

According to Rhode, they argue that the questions that lead up to the answers can distort an individual’s schema and the eventual recalling of the memory about what entirely took place or happened in the scene crime (Rhode). Eye witness testimony is therefor considered to a quite a risky because of the likelihood of being wrong or distorted in an eye witness testimony account which may eventually have a detrimental domino impact on the respective individuals. Persons who are convicted wrongly because of the crime they did not commit may end up suffering the because of what they didn’t commit and hence negatively affect their lives. On the other hand, Townley argue against the previous study mentioned by giving a suggestion that eye witness testimony is accurate and effective. They have a conclusion that misleading questions had insignificant impact on the eye witnesses.

In a nutshell, the paper has discussed on agreeing to a large extent that every person’s perspective is essential when pursuing knowledge. History plays part in shaping an individual perspective in pursuing knowledge. This is presented in the case about the past conflicts involving the United States and other countries whereby the books and history materials give a perspective knowledge that the US was always a right nation but instead, other books outside gave information about the deceitful and wrong actions about the US. Natural Sciences present the idea and believe of Galileo and the Catholic whereby both entities presented their beliefs regarding the universe. Following more scientists studying the subject, more information was unearthed and Galileo was credited for his correct discovery. Science has helped in uncovering more information about the universe. The counter claim presents the act of eye witness account whereby while evidence presented by eye witnesses is considered to be both effective and ineffective because it depends on the memory of an individual which can be distorted. The implication of the stance taken is that every person in the society is equal. Therefore, every perspective should be taken into consideration. In addition, in learning institutions, people are taught to think for themselves and also to shape their own beliefs in order to advance the existence of human kind through sharing and discovery of more knowledge. Therefore, people should have their own perspective because it is the first step of achieving knowledge.