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Hepatitis B Management

Hepatitis B Virus is a bloodborne pathogen that causes significant liver disease. It is passed through blood and bodily fluids. Unlike Hepatitis C Virus, there is a vaccine available for the protection of individuals. It is recommended that all health care workers obtain the Hepatitis B vaccine. However, if a...

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Early Mobilization

The purpose behind Nguyene, Thao-Houane, & Warren’s article was to describe the role of OT as a part of a multidisciplinary team in an oncology ISU. The role of OT is determined by the complex physical and psychosocial needs of the patients in the unit and requires providing comprehensive care...

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Presence as an Intervention in Complementary Therapies

Chapter 3 on ‘Presence’ offers a comprehensive assessment and exploration of the intervention as a form of contemporary non-pharmacologic medicine. While simulated presence appears to be a relatively novel intervention, studies already establish the technique as one that mitigates the levels of anxiety and behavioral disorders that impede effective treatment...

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Treatment of Abnormal Behaviours

Abnormal behaviour can take a variety of different forms. Traditionally abnormal behaviour is defined as any behaviour which deviates from the normal socially accepted behaviours (McLeod, 2008)#_ENREF_5" t "McLeod, 2008 #112.While there been a lot of controversy about the treatment of these behaviours, there are techniques which have proven to...

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Alternative Therapy and Cardiovascular Disease

In “Pathophysiology: The biologic basis for disease in adults and children” by McChance and Huether, the chapter that relates to cardiovascular health is chapter 34 titled “Alterations of Cardiovascular Function in Children.” I think that this chapter is very important to understand compared to the other chapters that are related...

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