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Complementary and Alternative Therapy: Legal, Ethical, Cultural and Political Factors

There is a duty in patient care to provide the most effective treatment possible. Sometimes these treatments may lie outside of the traditional realm of therapeutically practices. These types of practices are complementary and alternative therapies which are aimed at helping patients with unconventional approaches. The National Library of Medicine...

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Alternative Health

Offit (2013) questions the efficacy and validity of many alternative medical treatments including homeopathic medicine. Homeopathic medicine was developed about two centuries ago in Germany by Samuel Hahnemann based on the idea that the dilution of substances that create illness in healthy individuals will cure those symptoms in someone that...

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Nitroglycerin and Pre-hospital Cardiac Arrest

Nitroglycerin is used commonly used for angina. Its therapeutic effects were first observed and utilized by Dr. William Murrell in 1878. The drug has been in use ever since. The drug is commonly administered via sublingual means. Nitroglycerin acts as a vasodilator. The drug dilates arteries, of which include the...

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The Cultural Roots of Medical Techniques

Health and illness as conceptions arise from socially constructed, internally consistent symbolic representations characteristic of the culture in which they were formulated, whether in the West, the Orient or the Indian subcontinent. Three medical practices will accordingly be identified by how these cultures conceive the human body as a specific...

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The Effect of Exercise on the Wellbeing of Senior Citizens

Introduction The present research paper will critically evaluate the existing literature on the effect of exercise on the wellbeing of senior citizens. Based on the reported findings, the paper will also provide suggestions for how the research findings may be applied in clinical practice, and it will highlight possible areas...

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