I agree that it is not a surprise that the Arab Spring began with a devastating story of a Tunisian man known as Mohamed Bouazizi who decided to light himself up with an underlying reason of being tired with corruption activities amongst the police in the country. In addition to that, I also agree that corruption activities have played crucial roles in enhancing social injustices in most Arab nations. For instance, I find some logic in the report that was documented to suggest that some of the companies that were working with Unaoil were being engaged in corruption activities such as funding illegal groups like Al Qaeda in Islamic states.
Perhaps, it is reasonable to assume that all companies that have an operational relationship with Unaoil should be held responsible for the underlying social vices and corruption dealings that the company has been linked with. Other than compelling citizens of world countries to turn against one another, corruption has also led to the poor economic status of these nations. For instance, I agree that corruption activities in Iraq were responsible for the fall of the country in the transparency perception index from being the 113th nation to 161st. It was extremely unfortunate that the citizens of the country had to learn the hard way by enduring a series of civil unrest and insurgency.

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Contrary to that, I also agree with president Obama’s view that corruption should be considered as a national security threat in global nations because of its adverse effects. Corruption is a one of the tools that are used by people who do not have rational thinking in the society to provide extremist groups full operational abilities. A good example is in countries like Libya, Nigeria, and Iraq where people have been funding extremist groups that do not dignify human life. I also see some logics in the fact that corruption activities destroy legitimate authority in the society and that designing techniques of dealing with Unaoil companies that are supposedly taking part in corruption deals would be a major step in propelling the world towards a justified victory.