With regards to the reflective exercise that asks to what extent I am a feminist, I found that the majority of my responses fell under a category of the pro-feminist position. This is the result of two major points in my own world-view. Firstly, I have always supported the position of indiviudal human rights based on a general concept of humanity. This means that I reject the ideologies that designate and distribute our society according to categories such as gender or race. I think this is a key point for any feminist: this is to understand that gender is a social construct. Secondly, I have always remained committed to egalitarian forms of society. I do not think that by definition it is healthy for societies to be stratified and divided. From my point of view, this creates an anti-society, since all members of the same society are not on the same level. This creates tensions within a society and it is difficult to understand this social organization as an organic and harmonious society by definition.
I think these views find their origin in my family background. My family always had liberal views which were above all for equality in society. We are progressive thinkers and are not bound by archaic notions such as gender difference. My family stressed these values throughout my youth and it has affected how I view the world today.

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At the same time, even though one is progressive, there are still unconscious gender scripts that we play out. The gender difference is so deeply engrained in our society that we often find that we act according to these scripts. However, in the West many of these prejudices are being challenged. Capitalism wants different markets and therefore encourages gender difference and breaking of traditional rules because there is then no authority to old traditions. Capitalism understands the importance of promoting new scripts because they create new markets.