School counselor
A school counselor is a profession that is related to career counselor. A student counselor assists the learners especially students to change and develop their social skills and academic success and also help the learners to succeed in the college. The careers counselor assist the students with decision making regarding career choices by assisting the learners choose or develop various skills and choose a good career and develop a proper education program. For one to be a career counselor the minimum qualification required for the position is a master’s degree in counseling or a related field like psychology, and the person must be in possession of the state-issued qualifications. There is no work experience required for one to qualify for the position of a career counselor. The career and school counselors carry their duties in private and public institutions like high schools, colleges, government agencies. The salary of the career counselor as at may 2014 was $53,370 per annum. The job outlook for career counseling is anticipated to grow by eight percent over the past two years to the year 2024. The growth is approximately the average of all the professions. The rise in the enrollment will lead to employment growth of the career and school counselors.

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Kindergarten and elementary teacher in school
The Kindergarten and elementary teacher in schools is a professional who is tasked with teaching and guiding learners. The teacher prepares the young learners for the future learning in the next school level by taking them through the basic subjects like reading, English, and mathematics. The work environment of the Kindergarten and an elementary teacher is basically in the private and public schools. Most of the teachers do not work in the season of summer making their work flexible. The elementary teachers carry their duties during the normal school hours when the learners are in school during the weekends and nights as they grade and prepare the learning materials. The qualification for one to become a kindergarten and elementary teacher is being in a possession of a bachelor’s degree in the field. For the public school teachers, one must be in possession of the state-issued license or certification. The salary scale of the kindergarten and elementary school teacher is competitive with an annual pay of $53,760 as at May 2014. According to the statistics, the employment rate for the kindergarten and elementary school teachers is depicted to rise by approximately six percent from the year 2014 to the year 2024.

Nurse anesthetics, nurse practitioners, or nurse midwives
The Advance Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) is also referred to as the nurse anesthetics, nurse practitioners, or nurse midwives. The nurse aesthetics assist with the care of patients and provide the specialty and primary healthcare. In the United States, the scope of the nursing job varies and depends on the state of residence. The nurse midwives or the nurse aesthetics carry their duties in a variety of scope of healthcare setups that include school, physician departments, clinics, and various hospitals. The APRNs work full time but a few work as part-time officers. For one to become a nurse midwife, nurse aesthetics, or nurse practitioner, he must have a master’s degree in any of the roles defined for the APRN. The nursing officer must be registered and licensed in the particular state and have a pass in the national certificate exam. The pay for the nursing officer is competitive and as at May 2014, a nursing officer was earning $49.36 for an hour’s work. The amount roughly translated to $102,670 per annum. The job outlook for the nursing officer is seen to show a positive inclination with the expected rise of thirty-one percent in the year 2024. The rise is much higher than in any profession due to the legislation in the healthcare sector and the preventive care.