When one is out on the road driving, one must look out for people who are in a hurry and are driving erratically, or are distracted while driving, or are going to slow to be safe while driving. These three types of drivers represent threats to one’s safety on a daily basis. It is important, as a safe driver, to avoid these three main threats on the road. In order to avoid these threats, one must be able to identify what these types of drivers look like and behave like on the road. After being able to recognize these types of drivers, it is most important to avoid them. In the following essay, a discussion of the three types of drivers who pose the most imminent threats ensues, along with how one can recognize these types of unsafe drivers as evidenced by their driving behaviors.
One of the first types of drivers that a safe driver can be endangered by is the driver who is running late, and will literally stop at nothing in order to make up for running late. This type of driver is the kind who gets right on one’s bumper and peeks around the side of one’s car nervously and anxiously waiting to pass. The best advice to the safe driver is to allow this speedy driver to get where he is going. This is not the time to be aggressive and take offense at this driver’s movements. The fact is, one does not know what is going on in that car, and there may be a valid reason for the speed demon’s driving. Even if there is no valid reason for the unsafe driving, (there probably is not), one should not impede the other driver’s need for speed.

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The second type of driver that can endanger one’s safety is the distracted driver. This type of driver is the worst type of driver because sometimes they display no symptoms of their distraction, until it is too late. Distractions can be that the driver is impaired under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or more often, that drivers are texting or talking on the phone. These types of drivers can appear to drive normally and suddenly veer into a safe driver’s lane. The best defense from these types of drivers is to be certain that one is never like one of these drivers. As long as one is paying attention, it is more likely that one will be safe and be able to avoid this type of threat.

The third type of driver that can pose a threat on the streets is the driver who is going too slow. This type of driver is sometimes elderly, or impaired. Sometimes, there might be mechanical issues with the vehicle that is preventing it from performing at full speed. Whatever the case, the too slow driver can be like a sudden speed bump when a safe driver, doing the speed limit, comes up on one of these slow-pokes. These types of drivers are sometimes in the right lane, but often are in the left lane. Things a safe driver can look out for are the reactions of traffic in front of the car.

In conclusion, the way that others drive can be interpreted in three ways: a speedy driver, a distracted driver, and a slow driver. All three types of drivers drive differently. The most dangerous driver is the distracted driver, because they display less symptomatic driving behaviors than the other types of drivers. All drivers are different types of drivers, however, these three types of drivers display patterns of driving that, when recognized, can save a safe driver simply by keeping away.