In the following essay, I would like to express my motivation for pursuing the graduate program. I am well aware of the fact that graduate education requires profound commitment on part of the student. When it comes to me, I am more than ready to dedicate myself fully to the program. First and foremost, because this program is very important to me and pursuing this type of career has been a lifelong dream of mine.

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In fact, time management is one of my strengths. During my previous educational experiences, I was able to commit fully to my studies, achieving excellent results. In the past, I pursued numerous certification programs, as well as volunteering opportunities. The leveraging of all these activities was possible due to multiple time management skills which I constantly applied.

At present, I am working as a nurse at the UNC Hospital (Chapel Hill); this is a very demanding job, yet I really enjoy it. Though it gets stressful sometimes, I have managed to apply self-help techniques that allow me to take care of my psychological health and keep my energy levels high. It is while working here that I realized my deep passion for nursing. Despite the fact that I am currently working full-time, I am ready to adjust my schedule to focus more on my studies. As for my family situation, I am not married and do not have children. Therefore, I will have enough time to pursue the program and engage in it fully.

Summing up, I am sure that my passion toward the nursing profession will help me to attain significant success in this sphere. In particular, I am planning to dedicate myself to this educational program fully in order to attain my dream. My motivation will be the driving force of my self-management.