I agree with the author that in any field, communication with all types of people is important. I also feel that what Motluk states in the words of “In the non-academic world, the opposite is true: you have to sell your ideas” is also on target. I feel that you have to convince people why your idea or product is worthy and how it can help to solve a problem or make things easier or more convenient for individuals.
Motluk also touches on another important aspect when she says that in all organizations, teamwork is essential, even when other co-workers and employees are different. Motluk emphasizes respect for people who are different, this attitude something that entrepreneur Graham Lowe discussed in his book, “Creating Healthy Organizations.” Lowe states that leaders have to create a positive atmosphere and work environment that is respectful of all cultures and allows for differences in communication styles, backgrounds, and work styles. In a healthy work environment, creativity and sharing of ideas should be encouraged .

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In the future, I would like to work for an organization that promotes an area of modern technology, but that also helps people and respects all employees in the company. I enjoy helping people, but I also like working for a field that is progressive and is interested in reinvention and staying updated on technology. For instance, perhaps a company that is promoting a new educational type of software that several employees have helped to create that is culturally diverse would be a good fit for me. It would also entail talking to teachers, principals, and mental health professionals. I would need strong communication skills, as I would be conversing with people of all different ages, cultures, races, genders, and sexual orientations. Knowing how to establish a rapport with different people would be necessary to further my business field and to also convince people that they need my product and service. They can also help secure new customers. As you can see, communication skills are crucial.

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