Start typing your paper here. Every year, almost 30000 die from car accidents (FARS Encyclopedia, 2017). People text while driving, drink before driving. Deaths are inevitable, however, Google does not seem to like this order of things. One of the main reason of creating the self-driving car is to remove the human factor which is the only reason for car accidents. The other technologies that are worth paying attention to are: Google Fiber, Smart Contact Lenses, Project Wing and of course, Google Nest.

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Google Fiber is an entirely American project. It aims at providing people with the fastest internet access possible – through fiberglass. Amazing thing is that the speed of such connection of approximately 100 times faster than the average American has now.

Smart contact lenses are somehow similar to another Google’s project – Google Glass. These are the contact glasses will show the user the data about surrounding area, especially dangerous allergens and other harmful impurities in the atmosphere. Also, they do not require any recharging as they are solar-powered.

Google Wing gives a droid a more valuable purpose than just a toy. This project can help people who got in an emergency situation. For example, it can deliver the medication of other necessary things to the crash site way too faster than the ambulance (Ingraham, 2014).

When we talk about self-driving cars we should take into consideration the fact they were not just created for regular people. They were created for those who cannot drive the regular cars. Did anyone think about how easy can lives of disabled and elderly people become with a self-driven car? These cars are going to change our lives.

Google Nest is a home thermostat that connects to all the smart devices around the house and controls them making people’s life convenient as never before.

Google Nest will probably make our stay at home extremely convenient. Here are some of the examples what a device as small as hockey puck can do. It connects to your car and starts heating/cooling the home while you are driving home. It connects to your activity tracker and starts preparing the “comfort atmosphere at home just before the person wakes up”. The lamp connected to the Nest can alarm the house with red lights if something dangerous is happening, for example, if somebody breaks in or the fire starts. This is only a short list of the amazing features that can make your home “smart”. Google is not just making another investment into a gadget – they strive for improvement of lives of ordinary people.

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