Smartphone application is essential in solving and promoting performance in an IT consultation. It ensures high-level performance inside and outside firms because it sets new expectations regarding a company (Six Key Points About Project Scope | Jacob Aliet Ondiek …, n.d.). Smartphone and mobile were developed and created by mobile networks in the 1990s (Sekaran & Bourgie, 2013). Today, many consulting firms, IT consultants included, are embracing the use of smartphone tool as a way of increasing productivity and proficiency. Its demand is expected to rise in future because of its usefulness. The App is capable of performing many computing tasks than other cell phones. The reason behind the use of the Apps in different industries is to promote efficiency and effectiveness in their operations (Sekaran & Bourgie, 2013). Besides, the App has the potential to offer geographically-related services, for example, positioning and location, direction, maps, roads, and weather reports. The App is utilized in daily activities because it saves time and energy based on the fact that some of its features are automated (Sekaran & Bourgie, 2013).

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I read various sources that made me aware of the problem. Evidently, journal articles, books, and credible websites have been employed. The information contained in these sources shed light regarding the problem. For example, journal articles provided scientific data that demonstrated the usefulness of the application proposed in the report. Regarding literature reviewed, the one discussing the potential benefits of using smartphones in business establishments (Benefits of Smartphone App Development for Businesses, 2013), and the criteria of App success (Schwalbe, 2014) were used. Besides, I explored literature concerning system analysis and design (Rosenblatt, 2014), and the one that explains the importance of developing and teaching undergraduate capstone courses (Hauhart & Grahe, n.d.). Notably, the literature reviewed provided useful insight into whether a similar App has been done before. The proposed App will be different from others in the sense that defects that are associated with Apps will not be encountered since it will be developed by experts and will use software platforms, such as MyAppBuilder, GENWI, and Mippin (T, n.d.). It is anticipated that the new features in the App will add value as well as improve its functioning.