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Tourism Reflection

In the research carried out by Latkova & Vogt (2012) on the residents’ attitudes towards the tourism development plans in the rural areas, there are a number of facts that can be gathered. There have been a number of development projects that have been undertaken by the tourism sector in...

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Tourism Marketing for Kids: HMS Unicorn

HMS Unicorn is a sailing frigate belonging to the successful Leda class that currently survives (HMS Unicorn, 2018). When the building of the Unicorn took place, there was a modification to incorporate the small system of timber and a circular stern. It is in the list of the National Historic...

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Taking the Other Side

This paper is concerned primarily with the article 'Why Cultural Tourism is not a Quick Fix' by Helen Palmer. The article appears on the website of the UK broadsheet newspaper 'The Guardian' and was published in April 2013. It concerns the phenomenon of 'Cultural Tourism' in which people visit places...

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Hospitality and Travel Article Review

Within the hospitality and travel industry, the digital revolution and rise of the internet has brought about great change for industry veterans, employees and consumers. One app, AirHelp, is said to be of the greatest benefit to consumers and has helped them recoup nearly $400 million dollars. Understandably so, disrupted...

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A Sharing Economy and the Hospitality Industry

Introduction The sharing economy has increased opportunities in the hospital industry but has also caused significant disruptions. It has transformed the perception of the consumers on important aspects such as travel arrangement and reserving accommodations. The rapid growth of the sharing economy has been facilitated by technological advancement and flexibility...

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