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Tourism Reflection

In the research carried out by Latkova & Vogt (2012) on the residents’ attitudes towards the tourism development plans in the rural areas, there are a number of facts that can be gathered. There have been a number of development projects that have been undertaken by the tourism sector in...

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Tourism Marketing for Kids: HMS Unicorn

HMS Unicorn is a sailing frigate belonging to the successful Leda class that currently survives (HMS Unicorn, 2018). When the building of the Unicorn took place, there was a modification to incorporate the small system of timber and a circular stern. It is in the list of the National Historic...

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Taking the Other Side

This paper is concerned primarily with the article 'Why Cultural Tourism is not a Quick Fix' by Helen Palmer. The article appears on the website of the UK broadsheet newspaper 'The Guardian' and was published in April 2013. It concerns the phenomenon of 'Cultural Tourism' in which people visit places...

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Hospitality and Travel Article Review

Within the hospitality and travel industry, the digital revolution and rise of the internet has brought about great change for industry veterans, employees and consumers. One app, AirHelp, is said to be of the greatest benefit to consumers and has helped them recoup nearly $400 million dollars. Understandably so, disrupted...

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A Sharing Economy and the Hospitality Industry

Introduction The sharing economy has increased opportunities in the hospital industry but has also caused significant disruptions. It has transformed the perception of the consumers on important aspects such as travel arrangement and reserving accommodations. The rapid growth of the sharing economy has been facilitated by technological advancement and flexibility...

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Speech to Inform the Audience at the Las Vegas Show about Dubai

Introduction Do you want to stay in a place that is like no other across the globe? Want to be easily accepted in an exotic place as a tourist? Have you ever had a dream about travelling to the Peninsula in the Arabian soil? Have you ever imagined visiting a...

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Las Vegas Trip

Although I have many great memories with my family on various vacations, my most memorable trip to date is one that I took with four of my closest friends to Las Vegas. We had taken many trips together in the past, but this time we vowed to make it the...

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Las Vegas Locations To Visit

There are many exciting locations to visit, but for me, there is one that stands out above all others - Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is a city known today for its casino’s, luxury hotels and fantastic nightlife. Established in 1855 as a Mormon outpost - a fortified church of...

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Hospitality Retail Management

Hospitality Retail Management comes as a guest-oriented paradigm aimed to ensure comfort and positive experience to every consumer. It is, therefore, much about sound training and preparation of hotel staff capable of serving the ever-changing needs of the customers. What matters most is that hotel service should generate positive customer...

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Tourism in Hong Kong and Singapore

Expansion into any foreign territory requires a clear understanding of the business climate found in each candidate nation. Companies in the tourism and travel industry are as susceptible as any other to the negative impact of restrictions on international growth. Countries may appear to be valid locations for fruitful development...

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Importance of Tourism

Tourism is traveling for leisure and business purposes. Tourism can also be traveling and staying in a place for not more than a year. Tourism is one of the most promising drivers of growth for the world economy. According to the article written by Minnaert, tourism is the main source...

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Successful City Branding

While there are many examples of cities around the world that have attempted to transform their image through city branding, perhaps the most impressive and remarkable has been Las Vegas, a city in Nevada in the United States. In order to understand both the need for the transformation and the...

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Hyatt Hotel industry of The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Hyatt Hotel chain is one of the most lucrative and influential in the world. The company is known for its elegant and iconic hotels that are second to none. Hotels situated within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are thought to be some of the most luxurious in the world....

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Field Trip Reports: Hindu Temple

Our visit to the Hindu Temple gave me a whole new perspective on the practices of Hinduism and provided me the chance to see a visual representation of its many gods and learn and about their characteristics. Before starting the tour, our tour guide, Mohan, greeted us with a traditional...

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Where Not to Travel

It is usual for Americans and others from Western, industrialized countries to want to travel to more exotic locations. In the past people would more prefer well-known vacation destinations, where they could be assured of comfort. More recently, it seems that travel goals go to exploring places less known, and...

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Historically Themed Tourism

An archaic way of looking at traveling and vacationing is to think of it merely as a break from the routine of our everyday lives. Thus, relaxation and comfort may be two of the dominant motifs of this approach to tourism. But while, certainly, such a type of traveling remains...

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Travel Guide: The Palace of Versailles, Versailles

The Palace of Versailles, or Chateau de Versailles, is a royal palace located in Versailles in the Île-de-France region of France. Many years ago Versailles was a country village but now, located on the south-west from Paris, it is considered to be one of the Paris wealthiest suburbs. The palace...

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Travelling Guidelines

It is a common behavior for the travellers on a plane to rant about other people who take frequent bathroom breaks or the shouting and excited children on a long bus. However, most of them are short of proper etiquette skills because they may see it as an old-fashioned thing....

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Hospitality Portfolio: Fast Food Restaurant

Establishment of a multinational fast foods restaurant remains as one of my dreams that should be ascertained in the next ten years. It encompasses a form of restaurant mandated with the task of serving fast food cuisine with minimal table services. In addition, the restaurant will indulge in preparation of...

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Hospitality Enterprise Portfolio 3: Ayurveda Tourism

Ayurveda medicine, based on the ancient Hindu scriptures of the Vedas, is one of the fastest growing forms of alternative medicine in the Western world. At the same time, one of the fastest growing hospitality ventures in the United States is that of Ayurveda tourism, a “trending small business idea”...

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