Almost all world countries depend on one another to necessitate their various trading activities. Thus, trade restrictions are likely to cause harm to the economies of countries in the sense that some commodities are readily available in some countries whereas they are scarce in others. For instance, crude oil is a natural resource that is in abundance in the Middle East. Thus, if trade restrictions are laid down in countries that depend on the product to restrict its supply, it is likely that the measure may trigger economic crumbling. More importantly, crude oil has grown into a core economic driver of almost all world countries because almost all industrial sectors depend on industrialization to undertake their economic activities.
Far from that, trade restrictions can also cause economic harm to world countries because there are seasonal differences in different parts of the world. It should be noted that as far as we may depend on various products for our basic use; they may not be readily in supply season in season out. Thus, while some countries will be going through the winter, they may choose to import particular commodities from other countries to ensure that they are in constant supply. More importantly, some resources such as coffee and tea cannot be produced in bulk in certain nations because of climatic differences. Thus, in the case of trade restrictions are laid down, the demand for such commodities may go up leading to growth in price. Despite the fact that trade restrictions can cause harm to the economy of a country, there are other situations where they are essentially useful. For instance, trade restrictions are very instrumental in guiding the goods that are imported into a country to ensure that they do not flood the local market. Moreover, trade restrictions are also important in ensuring that local traders are subjected to standard trading and pricing conditions because it regulates the goods that are imported into a given nation.

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