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Point-of-Sale System

Point of sale systems (POS) entail a combination of software and hardware that enables organizations to conduct transactions and simplify business sales operations. POS systems involve application of computers as opposed to usage of cash registers in numerous retail applications (Van Horn et al., 2016). This system aids in tracking...

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Regional Trading Blocks

The economic bloc for my state is the United States of America. Producers in regions that have a limited geographic market are likely to benefit from the United States trade blocs. In case the home demand needs producers to export existing capacity, loss of foreign market can spread in smaller...

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Pricing and Revenue Management

The basis of application of self-service kiosk machines or in other words vending machine a known in the US is to greatly minimize customers’ queues. 4fingers is a foods business that prepares fast foods like chicken using Korean Culinary arts style that proves to be scrumptious to the consumer. The...

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Risks of Counter Trade

IntroductionGenerally, counter trade is considered to be one of the oldest forms of attaining goods. One of the elements of counter trade is that one does need to use money to pay for part or whole of goods or services. Counter trade can be divided into eight segments which are...

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International Trade Speech

International trade is a vital part of business and it influences the standard of living of the citizens of the US. There are many factors associated with international trade including tariffs, quotas, and regulatory restrictions. Tariffs are taxes which are imposed on goods that are imported into a country. Quotas...

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