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Trade Agreement Impacts

IntroductionSustainable Goods Company seeks to make business expansions into one developed country and one developing country. However, the assessment of various factors has to be taken into consideration before the final decision on investment. These evaluations have their target on the understanding of the country’s business environment in terms of...

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Discussion on International Trade

Exports refer to those products and services that are made or provided by American companies, sold directly to consumers in other countries or to those other countries themselves. They are things made or produced in the United States, or in any home country, that are then sent to other countries...

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History and Economies of Trade

The small towns in rural areas have their history as majorly based and dependent on several economic activities such as fishing, ranching, mining and timber processing. Over time, as history is changing, the economic foundations of the rural regions and the small towns have had variation in their economic foundations....

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Fur Trade

The issue of fur trade has been controversial for ages, and the potential negative implications of such trade on the Aboriginal population of Canada is certainly one of the most crucial points worth the discussion. Interestingly, there is a tendency that the fur trade emerges in the localities with the...

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The Effects of Price Elasticity on Tariffs

President Trump declared that “trade wars are easy to win” (Swanson, 2018), but many affected by his tariffs are less than convinced. While Mr. Trump has focused on particular countries in his complaints about the unfairness of the current global trade balance, with particular attention to Canada’s tariffs on some...

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