Traditional Web analytics is the ancient or traditional way of measuring, collection, analysis, and reporting of the web data with the aim of understanding and optimizing the web usage. Web analytics is not only the process of measuring the web traffic but also it is employed in measuring the business and market research. Further, it measures how the website has improved and its efficiency. Web analytics is applied in aiding companies to measure results of the print and broadcast advertising campaigns. In this paper we are seeking to establish the traditional web analytics is dead.

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The web analytics is changing. Although the web channel is growing and changing more complex every day, the offline data is becoming a more vital aspect of the traditional web analytics industry. There has been needing of the web analytics, vendors, for example, the Webtrends and Adobe who have recently released a new and powerful functionality to enhance the web analytics reporting at their respective users. Traditional web analytics advertising creates or raises awareness which is better in the medium of marketing. The television viewers can stream or watch live sports using the online platform such as Netflix. Finally, the billboards have direct traffic on the web that attracts more marketers and users.

However, I disagree and hold the view that the tradition web analytics is dead. This reason is that there is a momentous shift towards the multichannel analytics in the industry. This shift has extended beyond the website and the web channel in general.

In conclusion, I hold the opinion that the traditional web analytics is not dead due to the above-mentioned reasons. Despite the fact that it is very difficult to say the traditional web analytics is dead. Traditional web analytics is not dead since it plays a vital role in the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of the web data. Hence, traditional Web analytics is not dead.