To transform a traditional living room into a modern living room, it will require a more cohesive look in the room, solely by replacing the outdated things with beautiful and modern ones. Therefore, in this discussion, we will look at the contemporary decorating ideas that will play a predominant role in the transformation process. One of the ways is to change the window coverings. Instead of using heavily detained curtains having lots of trim, it will be necessary to use lighter and more streamlined draperies that emphasize on the need for more space in the room.

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Another way is to replace the old carpet with the porcelain tiles, stained concrete, or hardwood. Keep the tiles consistently throughout the house in order to allow the room to feel connected. Replace outdated furniture with modern ones. For instance, arrange the sofa set to create a pattern such as L-shaped to provide more space in the room. Select a statement rug that will liven up the modern living room space. The established monochrome pattern will offer a more dramatic update to the room. Introduce a brighter picture display by mixing unique frames and ornaments in order to give the living room a quirky feeling such as a blue frame, berry red, or different frames.

Painting a mural on the wall will be another way to transform the room. Decorating the room with colors is a great way of making the place more beautiful. Decorate the ceiling by painting it in a metallic glaze which feels glam and sleek. It will also be imperative to remove the little shades and change the bulbs to a more forested flame. Swap out the heavily colored area rug for one with lighter hues. Also, introduce a backdrop, this will be important for classical furnishings. This will further help in elevating the space and at the same time keep it feeling modern. Additionally, putting bright purple alliums and a collection of branches on the table will further help in the transformation process.