1) The nursing leader in question demonstrates a high level of communication in public speaking and in addressing nursing staff members, in addition to representing nurses throughout the organization to other executive leaders. Furthermore, the nurse executive has established relationships with many of the nursing core managers, whom she relies on to provide information and reporting as needed to establish new directives for staff members. Since the nurse executive has a strong background in research, she has an astute awareness of evidence-based practice models and how to implement them in the nursing practice setting. Finally, she recognizes the importance of maintaining the highest standards of ethics which impact all nurses throughout the organization (Finkelman, 2015).

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2)A transactional nursing leader is communicative with staff members, establishes specific goals and objectives, and when these are met, provides rewards and support to nurses and reinforces their values and beliefs in the profession. Transformational leaders support greater empowerment and innovation among nurses and encourage the development of creative ideas to encourage employees at all levels to make valuable contributions to the organization. The nurse executive in my organization most represents the transformational leadership style because she openly encourages creativity and innovation and encourages team-building to make these ideas a reality whenever possible.

3)The nurse executive leader has a responsibility to lead the charge for transformational leadership by acting as a visionary, setting clear expectations, but also promoting creativity and unity among nurses. These activities are designed to strengthen the practice setting and support an environment in which nursing practice objectives can be accomplished at the highest possible level with idea generation, creativity, and open lines of communication. It is expected that these activities will encourage nurses to work collaboratively and to support new ideas which will influence patient care quality, both now and in the future.

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