One of the opportunities that the leaders of tomorrow will have and who are now students will be the factor of technology in the running of organizations. Technology has evolved over the years, and it is now taking center stage even in learning centers in the classrooms. The hours spent online for most students who average three to four hours per day is a chance that can open networking opportunities for leaders of tomorrow (Wesch). The presence of social media sites, even though a distraction, can be a good avenue where leaders network for future endeavors.

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On the other hand, the leaders of tomorrow face a daunting task when it comes to balancing the demand of work, home, and even school for those advancing their carriers. It is something that Bennis et al. (2001) acknowledge when he questions if the balance will ever be achieved. The workload as already seen in school will translate to work, and there will be numerous challenges for tomorrow leaders in establishing where to draw the line. It is the same with technology where it will be a huge task in using it responsibly without letting it become a source of distraction.

The act of moving from knowledge to action is something that is crucial towards shaping someone’s vision for the future. It is about being able to shape someone’s contribution in a management role quite emphatically. In essence, it involves making the right choices while leading people as opposed to managing people (Drucker, 1999). Additionally, it is important to understand that it is the prerogative of the choosing when to make the contribution and how best to incorporate the rest of team members towards the generation vision of the company.

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