Almost all societies in the world have cultures that are characterized by some rituals that mark the transition to adulthood. There are particular rites of passage that every individual is expected to go through. The principal ones are birth, transition into adulthood, marriage, and death. Notably, knowledge concerning rites of passage is essential in helping the youth to move successfully from adolescent to adulthood. In fact, some rituals accompany the transition to adulthood, some of which are held to be essential by different members of the society. It is important to state that diverse communities have varying views and names that they use to associate with a transition into adulthood.
One of the crucial themes related to some of the topics in this rite is change. For instance, Christian culture holds that baptism helps human beings to move from their old ways to new ways, which in this case is the change to adulthood. For example, baptisms and confirmations are held to help believers to experience healthy development. The public rituals conducted facilitate healthy development into adulthood as well as responsible and mature. Another common theme is the celebration. During or after the transition, some ceremonies accompany them. For instance, some ceremonies mark initiation rites in communities that practice them. Holistic development is a universal theme that is evident in the transition into adulthood. Evidently, the use of the college rite of passage experience event is useful because it assists college students in building skills that are necessary for academic, social, success, and competence. In this context, a student who has passed through the event has social, moral, emotional, and cognitive development. Above all, there is a synergic combination of events and cognitive factors that frame transition into adulthood. For example, adolescents participate in community services in which young girls and their families take part in local reading activities, which help them to learn and connect their societies by helping to improve their communities as a whole. Therefore, the rituals conducted during the transition into adulthood, are typified by significant lessons to those engaged.

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