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The European and North American Freight Transportation Systems

Over the past years, freight distribution worldwide has had tremendous convergence in terms of modes, infrastructure, terminals, and the implementation of technology. Behind this wholesome standardization of the global freight distribution systems is commercialization, as noted by Notteboom and Rodrigue (2008). Through such convergence, the emergence of practices such as...

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Air Transport

Air industries across the globe are faced with an increase in operational costs and expenses. The ability of an airline company to realize profit largely depends on its ability to manage well cost and expenses it is faced with. For the operations of the airline industry, the company has to...

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The Impact of Regulation/Deregulation on Growth of Intermodal Transportation

Introduction Intermodal transportation can be understood as the of use of different carriers or modes to transport goods from a shipper to the consignee, while in special standardized compartments called intermodal containers. Since the containers have similar characteristics, they allow for transfer from mode to mode without the need to...

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Transportation Safety

Introduction Transportation safety can be understood as the protocols put in place by the respective road authorities of a country to ensure that life and property are protected from the different forms of transportation in operation. Transportation safety’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Being a fundamental aspect in accident prevention,...

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Estimating Regional Air Transportation Demand

Boeing and Airbus are the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Both companies manufacture all types of aircrafts including; cargo planes, passenger aircrafts, military, and other aerospace machinery. The companies have their global market forecasts for their products. Aircraft companies make market forecasts and compare with the current market outlook in order...

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