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The European and North American Freight Transportation Systems

Over the past years, freight distribution worldwide has had tremendous convergence in terms of modes, infrastructure, terminals, and the implementation of technology. Behind this wholesome standardization of the global freight distribution systems is commercialization, as noted by Notteboom and Rodrigue (2008). Through such convergence, the emergence of practices such as...

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Air Transport

Air industries across the globe are faced with an increase in operational costs and expenses. The ability of an airline company to realize profit largely depends on its ability to manage well cost and expenses it is faced with. For the operations of the airline industry, the company has to...

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Estimating Regional Air Transportation Demand

Boeing and Airbus are the world’s leading aircraft manufacturers. Both companies manufacture all types of aircrafts including; cargo planes, passenger aircrafts, military, and other aerospace machinery. The companies have their global market forecasts for their products. Aircraft companies make market forecasts and compare with the current market outlook in order...

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The Impact of Regulation/Deregulation on Growth of Intermodal Transportation

Introduction Intermodal transportation can be understood as the of use of different carriers or modes to transport goods from a shipper to the consignee, while in special standardized compartments called intermodal containers. Since the containers have similar characteristics, they allow for transfer from mode to mode without the need to...

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Transportation Safety

Introduction Transportation safety can be understood as the protocols put in place by the respective road authorities of a country to ensure that life and property are protected from the different forms of transportation in operation. Transportation safety’s importance cannot be stressed enough. Being a fundamental aspect in accident prevention,...

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Electronic Transport Chain

Electronic transport chain (ETC), phosphorylation, describes a set of compounds that transfers electrons to electron acceptors from the electron donors through reduction and oxidation reactions. This leads to the coupling of the electron transfer with the transfer of protons (H+) across a membrane. This creates a proton gradient which is...

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

The debate regarding the development and use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and the necessity of pilots and manned aircrafts in aviation have gained momentum in recent times. Stakeholders in the aviation industry are interested in determining which between the two sides of the debate to support and advocate. The...

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Free Transport for All

The idea of universal public transportation is not new. Before cars were invented, people drove carts and coaches in cities and offered transport like taxis. Large companies grew to provide public transportation when people did not have enough money for personal carts. Because it was very expensive, ordinary people could...

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What is happening to our Airline Flights?”

With the latest merger of American airlines and US Air the number of players just got smaller and the cost to the consumer is poised to take a bump. While both the low cost discount airlines and the major carriers are trying to merge and attract more paying fares they...

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Infant Car Seat Safety

Infants require the use of car seats as passengers in vehicles at all times, and these seats must meet the required safety standards and specifications established by state and federal law. It is important to provide infants with the best possible car seat to ensure their safety during periods of...

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Stranging The Normal Riding the Subway

Our day-to-day lives are filled with seemingly mundane rituals and tasks that are inherently governed by a set of spoken and unspoken norms and rules of use. These social norms, e.g., such those presiding over the etiquette of standing in a retail line, are enforced through the implied social codes...

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Airport Development

After the September 11th attack, there has been a decline in the use of air transport where many passengers are scared of terrorist attacks. There has been also terrorists scare at airports in various cities such as Paris, London and New York. The terrorists’ scares have reduced the passengers who...

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Airplane Pilots Should Not Carry Guns

The 9/11incident caught all of America unawares. The events that unfolded led to the rethinking of the security measures in almost all sectors in the States. One of the radically affected sectors was the airline industry. After four planes were hijacked and crashed into the Times Towers and the Pentagon,...

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Regulated Transportation System

Regulated transportation is a system that has been in use for the past decades. It encompasses the rules and regulations for enhancing sanity in the transport sector. Currently, regulation of interstate railroad and interstate pipeline have been actualized in various states such as the US, China, India, and New Zealand....

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Impact of Green Logistics: Improving the Future of Transportation and Logistics

Introduction This section introduces the concept of going green in logistics for the sake of minimizing adverse environmental impact. Logistics is the heart of the organized transport system. It involves controlling the movement of goods throughout the globe using the various means of transport. Greenness is currently a code word...

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The Importance of Transportation in North America

Public transportation in North America refers to transportation which available to anyone for a fee. This includes trains, light rail, buses and ferries, and these can be operated by governments, commercial operators or public-private partnerships. Public transportation in North America contributes to a reduction in pollution as well as increased...

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Importance of Transportation in Logistics Management

While it is much easier to connect companies and customers by means of e-commerce transactions and the Internet, still physical delivery relies on effective management of a transportation system. On average, transportation operation costs constitute 30% of logistics costs. Thus, the role of transportation in logistics systems is crucial. There...

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Senior Transportation

Introduction I have been a resident at La Grange since my childhood. In that regard, I have been a part of the generation that has lived to experience different types of transitions and developments that are fundamentally aimed at making life easier for the people. Nonetheless, it is imperatively devastating...

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Risk Assessment of HAZMAT Transportation

Introduction Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) refers to the substances in forms that have the capacity to post a reasonable threat to health, property, and surrounding. In the context of this article, HAZMAT is used to connote substances that result from the transportation system. Notably, the hazardous materials have caused several issues...

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Transport Phenomenon

Abstract Although stenosis is crucial in diagnosing health conditions that result from the constriction of an artery in time, a few studied have been conducted to investigate the characteristics of the unsteady flow of blood. The research focuses on examining the attributes of wobbly flow of blood in arteries with...

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