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Stranging The Normal Riding the Subway

Our day-to-day lives are filled with seemingly mundane rituals and tasks that are inherently governed by a set of spoken and unspoken norms and rules of use. These social norms, e.g., such those presiding over the etiquette of standing in a retail line, are enforced through the implied social codes...

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Airport Development

After the September 11th attack, there has been a decline in the use of air transport where many passengers are scared of terrorist attacks. There has been also terrorists scare at airports in various cities such as Paris, London and New York. The terrorists’ scares have reduced the passengers who...

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Airplane Pilots Should Not Carry Guns

The 9/11incident caught all of America unawares. The events that unfolded led to the rethinking of the security measures in almost all sectors in the States. One of the radically affected sectors was the airline industry. After four planes were hijacked and crashed into the Times Towers and the Pentagon,...

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Regulated Transportation System

Regulated transportation is a system that has been in use for the past decades. It encompasses the rules and regulations for enhancing sanity in the transport sector. Currently, regulation of interstate railroad and interstate pipeline have been actualized in various states such as the US, China, India, and New Zealand....

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Impact of Green Logistics: Improving the Future of Transportation and Logistics

Introduction This section introduces the concept of going green in logistics for the sake of minimizing adverse environmental impact. Logistics is the heart of the organized transport system. It involves controlling the movement of goods throughout the globe using the various means of transport. Greenness is currently a code word...

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