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The Importance of Transportation in North America

Public transportation in North America refers to transportation which available to anyone for a fee. This includes trains, light rail, buses and ferries, and these can be operated by governments, commercial operators or public-private partnerships. Public transportation in North America contributes to a reduction in pollution as well as increased...

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Importance of Transportation in Logistics Management

While it is much easier to connect companies and customers by means of e-commerce transactions and the Internet, still physical delivery relies on effective management of a transportation system. On average, transportation operation costs constitute 30% of logistics costs. Thus, the role of transportation in logistics systems is crucial. There...

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Senior Transportation

Introduction I have been a resident at La Grange since my childhood. In that regard, I have been a part of the generation that has lived to experience different types of transitions and developments that are fundamentally aimed at making life easier for the people. Nonetheless, it is imperatively devastating...

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Risk Assessment of HAZMAT Transportation

Introduction Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) refers to the substances in forms that have the capacity to post a reasonable threat to health, property, and surrounding. In the context of this article, HAZMAT is used to connote substances that result from the transportation system. Notably, the hazardous materials have caused several issues...

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Transport Phenomenon

Abstract Although stenosis is crucial in diagnosing health conditions that result from the constriction of an artery in time, a few studied have been conducted to investigate the characteristics of the unsteady flow of blood. The research focuses on examining the attributes of wobbly flow of blood in arteries with...

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