Travelling to the US comprises one of the most frequent destination for tourists from all over the world. The variety presented in all of the fifty states with the diverse climatic differences as well as different touristic attractions. Numerous national parks, waterfalls and cities worth exploring make the country even more attractive. The fact that ESTA provides a lot of financial incentives for those who would like to enter the US, it makes the country even more attractive for visiting. Numerous countries who already have the services that facilitate the entrance to the country delivered an important step towards getting closer to the United States and its touristic attractions.

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While analyzing the states that comprise the most visited places in the US, the East Coast is in a certainly better position due to its closer location to Europe as well as due to it’s the fact that most of the historical sites are situated on the East Coast. However, when one looks in the more detail, it could be noted that the West Coast has much to offer as well. Such states as Washington, Oregon, Nevada and California are full of interesting and undiscovered places. Therefore, one shall pay closer attention. In this paper, Oregon with its numerous attractions will be discussed.

Did you know that the Birthday of Oregon is on the 14th of February, on the same day when St. Valentine’s is celebrated? Many tourists are very welcome to come to the state and explore the complete variety of activities for different tastes. Among the touristic attractions, one could start discovering the state by visiting Portland. As main national and transatlantic routes would land in Portland, it serves a great chance to start exploring the city. Moreover, it would be an immediate signal for starting exploring the state and its attracting. Portland represents one of the best developed public infrastructures with the European culture and American diversity. Furthermore, while travelling to the US one could also enjoy the reading atmosphere present in the city as some of the most famous bookstores in the United States is located there.

Given the fact that not everyone enjoys an urban atmosphere while travelling, alternative options are also present in Oregon. For instance, those who are tired of a cosmopolitan way of living can enjoy the serenity at the seaside. To do so, it is worth visiting Newport where the sea and lighthouses would welcome tourists. Pacific ocean and a different lifestyle from the urban culture would welcome many in their entering steps in the state.

For those who neither enjoy the seaside, nor the urban culture, the option to go hiking into the mountains is also available. A famous Crater Lake in the middle of the mountains serves as a welcoming sign for tourists and native Oregonians. However, in that case, it is worth renting a car and go there for several days as a getaway from the daily routines. What’s more, tourism services are well-developed in that part of Oregon as well. So, regardless of the weather and the time of the year, it might be a good alternative for a getaway around the state.

While evaluating the overall landscape with tourism in the United States, ESTA enables many individuals willing to travel to go and discover unknown places around the country. However, some of the states still lack attention as their rate of being visited is much lower than the others. Therefore, Oregon serves a perfect location for re-exploring the country and visiting places such Crater Lake, Portland and Newport, where each and every taste would find the satisfaction.

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